Urdaneta Fiesta 2017

Urdaneta Fiesta 2017

Urdaneta City Hall at night

Colorful flyers and lanterns are hanging above the roads, clothing and toy stalls are sprouting like mushrooms, smokes from food vendors’ cooking grills are covering the sidewalks – festivity is in the air in Urdaneta.

Ukay-ukay stalls

The feast for 2017 was from December 1 to 10. It was a nice way to usher in the spirit of Christmas. There were lots of events that were held at the city’s cultural and sports center each day. They had beauty pageants, musical competitions, physique contests, sports, etc.

The Cultural and Sports Center

Many activities were also held at different venues like the lantern competition at the city hall, foods and crafts exhibits at the post office area, boxing contest at the Magic Mall parking lot and cycling tour around the city.

Boxing match outside the Magic Mall

The lanterns at the city hall were very colorful and creative. They lit up the whole front area at night with bright flashing and animated lights. When you get there, you can’t help but say, “Wow!”. Some were made from natural materials like shells and plants. Others were from recycled materials like plastics and metals.

Exhibits at the Post Office area

Foods and crafts exhibits at the post office also included plants. They had bonsai trees, orchids and other ornamental plants. The stalls were quite impressive. They were made of bamboos and Nipa leaves. Some even had a two-storey structure. They were like Nipa huts with a style.


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