Masangret Cove – The “Blue Lagoon” of Agno, Pangasinan

The “Blue Lagoon” of Agno, Pangasinan
The Blue Lagoon of Agno, Pangasinan (aka Masangret Cove).

The cove is located at Masangret, Agno, Pangasinan but accessible through the Cabongaoan beach of Burgos, Pangasinan by

Rocky trails from Cabo Beach to the Death Pool.

heading northward on rocky trails past the famous Death Pool and just over Mary Hill.

Approaching Death Pool with Mary Hill in the distance.
Mary Hill (a youth camp) is between the Death Pool and Masangret Cove in Pangasinan.

Its official name is Masangret Cove but I’d like to call it the little Blue Lagoon after the movie with the same title because of its resemblance to the pristine body of water used in the film although in a smaller scale. For those who prefer a tranquil and kids-friendly swimming, this is a perfect spot to go. There are no waves to watch out for not like the neighboring Cabongaoan beach or the Death Pool.

Adventurous dudes who prefer excitement and adrenaline rush should try the Death Pool. It has a diameter and depth of about 20 feet. The level of the water rapidly goes up and down as the waves rush in and out sucking the water from the hole like a flushing giant toilet bowl. There is a smaller version nearby called the Date Pool. It is more like for dipping ones feet while sitted around its edge. You can also ask an unsuspecting friend to peek into a hole that randomly burps out streams of water. These are found on the other side of Mary Hill.

Couples or individuals who just want to stroll on a white sand, collect shells or feel romantic watching the sunset, there’s the Cabo (short for Cabongaoan) Beach nearby.

Cabo Beach in front of the Allen Beach Resort (

Sunset at Cabo Beach.

Whatever age group you belong to and if you’re looking for a quiet beach getaway that is not yet crowded and commercialized, Cabongaoan Beach is the place to be.

Sunset stroll along Cabo Beach.
Masangret Cove – our Blue Lagoon.

Recommended gadgets for travellers:

Phone holder
Mini tripod with remote control
Selfie light
Power bank compact high-speed
Selfie stick pro with remote control


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